Christina Boula

o.T. [Eidolon] | Foto, Text auf Acrylglas | 30x42cm | Galerie Kunst&Handel Wien 2011

geboren 1982, abgeschlossenes Studium an der Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien, lebt und arbeitet in Wien.

In her work, Christina Boula fathoms the discrepancy between the performer and his setting. She asks, "What lies behind which preset boundaries? Where can someone intervene and what happens when conditions suddenly change?"

In her performances, she shows us the different points of contact which enable us to comprehend what is happening. She either carries us off to a place in which we ourselves become performing elements or she leaves us behind to see what and how things can be.

Through shifting the concepts of space and surrounding space, she moves us to situations in which we must realize that she has made us part of the scene. She lets us believe that we are only spectators; however, we are compelled to recognize the complexity of her settings.

The continuous engagement with the body and how it conducts itself in the context she presents it, gives us little glimpses into her work.

Change, progress and death are playing an especially central role. Remaining still or even being connected to something is not to be found by Christina, because the progression of time is a constant companion as it relates to change or even mutation.

Continual transformation, everything is in motion, whether that motion is psychological or physical, Christina Boula examines all the facets of boundaries.


untitled [Zierlip] | paper, text, red wine | 56x30cm | Biennale Susak Expo Mali Losinj Museum 2012

o.T. [Death] | motorisiertes Objekt | Künstlerhaus Wien 2011